Touring and Bikepacking are beginning to merge into the one discipline of cycling. People are using panniers and bikepacking bags in combination more and more often that it’s difficult to describe what these two disciplines of cycling really are. They’re both about getting and exploring on your bike and that’s the most important part. The rules you set for yourself are for you and you alone.

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The most important part of a tour is your gear, you need to be able to fix it and you need to be sure it’s going to last for the length of your adventure. That’s why for a long long time now people have defaulted to steel as their frame material of choice. We stock popular brands such as Surly and Vivente who produce more traditional touring bikes as well as up and comer’s like Bombtrack who have been developing in the Bikepacking scene of Europe.


The definition of tour is a journey for pleasure in which several places are visited. In Australia that translates to “You are going to be riding a long time between pubs”. So naturally you need to be comfortable between drinks. We recommend tyres on the wider side of the spectrum, as they will allow you to get off the busy roads of Australia where motorised road users do not really respect us non motorised enthusiasts. Once you’re off road you’ll realise how much nicer the scenery is and you’ll never want to return to civilisation until you realise that you can’t hunt a chicken schnitzel and chips in the Australian Outback. 


When you say touring, bicycle and durability in the same sentence we automatically think of steel frames, Schwalbe Marathon Tyres and a canvas bag or two. Make sure you check out our range of tools which could come in handy if you’re planning to circumnavigate the globe on your bike.

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