Bikes have become more and more capable, we're getting our bikes into rougher terrain on our adventures and bikepacking bags make pushing your bike (hike a bike) much easier. Now your extremely capable bikepacking can go anywhere you can feasibly push it!

What are bikepacking bags used for?

Originally designed for singletrack adventures on mountain bikes, their versatility and lightweight design led to their uptake by ultra distance racers around the world. Fast forward to today and they are ubiquitous on most riders' bikes for multi day trips. With their lightweight yet durable construction combined with increased ride performance due to moving the bulk of the weight closer to the bike has led to the explosion in brands who manufacture bikepacking bags today.

What size bikepacking bags do I need?

Trip requirements and gear requirements vary from rider to rider. The average saddle bag such as the Apidura Expedition comes in sizes from 9-17 litres. This is similar to the Ortlieb Saddle Pack which comes in at 17 Litres. 

How do you load Bikepacking bags?

Heavy things towards the centre of the bike helps to keep the handling characteristics of the bike as normal as possible. Putting in soft items like a jacket or jumper last can help keep heavier items secure.

Who uses bikepacking bags?

Everyone! Use them to commute or for when you're having a picnic. There's no rules.

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