There are lots of options when it comes to cargo bikes. Long John, Classic cargo box bike, Long tail cargo bike and they are quickly being adopted as a primary vehicle or second car option for many people who live in bike friendly places like Melbourne and increasingly Sydney. Whether it's a load of groceries, a kid or two or even your furriest friend, a cargo bike may well be your newest addition to your stable.

Omnium Cargo V3 Complete
Omnium Cargo Wifi (Frameset)
Yuba Kombi
Yuba Mundo Lux
Bombtrack Munroe Cargo 650b
Tern Short Haul D8

Carrying capacity

A cargo bike can carry anywhere from 30kg to over 150kg depending on which model you are looking at. Have no fear that you won’t be able to handle the school drop off after picking up the groceries. Even your slightly too heavy puppy will still be no dramas for a properly equipped Cargo Bike. Get ahead of the curve with an environmentally friendly transport future. 

 How fast do cargo bikes go?

Cargo bikes ride differently to a traditional bike, there's no question. Some have smaller wheels, some use cable actuated steering or a steering rod for controls. But one thing for sure, once you ride one for more than about 5 minutes you’ll be confident enough to handle any situation. We’d recommend riding with a slightly lower seat height than you might expect when beginning your cargo bike adventures, it helps when you suddenly have to stop when on a shared path.

Child transport

When you have the right combination of accessories on board, your cargo bike transforms into the ultimate people mover that isn’t a big van. Heading out for ice cream has never been so enticing or fun. Your little ones will want to go everywhere with you after they realise how the wind feels in their hair and how they can see so much of their surroundings. Forget the smart device, take them out for a ride and experience the benefits for yourself.

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