What even is a gravel bike? Basically it’s what bikes would be like if road racing never existed. They would have won the Tour De France back in 1906 when you had to race on dirt roads and carry all your spares as well as ride through the night.

But actually they are some of the most fun bikes to ride and take you to places you wouldn’t normally go.

Apollo Scout 21X
Bombtrack Hook EXT 2022 Complete Bike
Bombtrack Hook EXT C
Curve  GXR Kevin of Ti
Curve Cycling
Curve GXR Titanium Custom Build
Curve Cycling
Curve Kevin of Steel Housebuild, XS
Curve Cycling
Kona Rove DL Kiwi Green
Kona Sutra LTD
Salsa Journeyer Apex 1 x 650
Surly Midnight Special


Gravel bikes will enable you to get off the main roads and explore the unbeaten path.

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With a range of styles we will have a gravel bike to suit your needs, whether you're planning to take on gnarly single track or you just want to take the occasional gravel road.

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