Tumbleweed Stargazer House Build is a great in-between bike packing/touring build with hi-rise drop bars for ultimate comfort and control.
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This custom house build Tumbleweed Stargazer delivers a comfortable, durable and outstanding ride. It boasts some eye-catching componentry and is versatile in that it can do anything and go anywhere. The Stargazer is a nimble and balanced drop bar mountain touring bike designed for loaded trail riding. 

The Stargazer is directly related to the Prospector however with a shorter reach to accommodate drop handlebars, and a lighter weight overall package

The Curve Walmer Bar is great for all day road and gravel riding. It brings the stability and control of MTB bars combined with the multiple hand positions of drop bars. The extra width offers more storage space for bar-mounted bags, lights, navigation etc. 

The 29 x 2.2" Teravail Rutland Tyres provides a larger volume option for increasingly popular monstercross, gravel and adventure bikes that accommodate larger volume tires whether it be for added traction on single track or a more comfortable bikepacking trip and everything in between

Why wide drop bars?

The ability to change hand position regularly prevents pressure and tension build up and helps minimise numbness and blisters. A wider handlebar also offers more stability and control, particularly when descending sketchy terrain on a loaded bike. It also allows for added leverage when tackling technical climbs.