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We've gone contactless!

You can still make purchases online or by phone, with delivery and click-and-collect available. The workshop is operating for contactless servicing and repairs, but bookings are essential.

Warranty, Returns & Exchanges

Returns for change of mind

We have a fairly generous return policy for parts and accessories - if you change your mind, and an item is unmarked, and the packaging is not damaged, we'll refund your purchase. However, we can't take returns of helmets or other safety equipment, or clothing or shoes. If the packaging is damaged or the item is dirty, or if it is an item that was special-ordered, we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee.

Additionally, if you buy something and then realise it's not up to the task, we'll credit the original price towards a more suitable replacement. For example, if you buy an aluminium rear rack and break it, we'll discount a replacement Cr-Mo steel rack. If you buy rechargeable lights and realise they're not good enough, we'll discount a replacement hub dynamo light system. Of course, we'll try to convince you to buy the better product in the first place :) .

We do not offer returns on bicycles.


Bombtrack bicycles

Bombtracks have a three year warranty on the frame, two years on forks, and one year on parts.


Brompton bicycles

The warranty for manufacturing defects is five years for the frame, or two years for components from the date of first purchase.

ByK kids bikes

These bikes really are the only kids bike good enough for us to sell.  They're so good that we offer a lifetime warranty, entitling the original purchaser to free repairs including parts. Since kids sometimes grow faster than you expect, we offer a 50% trade-in within the first year, and a 30% trade-in within 3 years of purchase.

eZee bicycles

eZee electric bikes electrical and mechanical parts have a one year warranty, except the motor, controller and battery which have a two-year warranty. The frame has a six-year warranty.

Focus bicycles

Focus Bicycles have a six-year warranty on the frame, and a one year warranty for all components. 

Gazelle bicycles

Gazelle bicycles have a ten-year warranty on the frame, and a five-year warranty on suspension forks. They have a two-year warranty on all mechanical and electrical parts.

Jamis bicycles

Jamis bicycles come with a lifetime frame warranty (excepting carbon frames/forks), and a one year warranty for all the components.

Riese & Muller bicycles

Riese & Muller offer a two-year warranty on their bikes, which can be upgraded to a five-year warranty if you register your bike with them within four weeks or purchase.

Surly bicycles

Surly bikes have a 3 year frame warranty and a one year warranty on all components.

Tern bicycles

Tern bikes have a 10 year frame warranty and a one year warranty on all components.

Vivente bicycles

Vivente bicycles have a 15 year warranty on the frame and fork, and a one year warranty on all other parts.

Yuba bicycles

Yuba bicycles have a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork, and a one year warranty on all other parts.


Services and repairs

All of our services and repairs have a 6 month warranty. That means that if something goes out of adjustment or needs fixing again within 6 months, we'll do it for free.


New parts

All new parts we sell have a 1 year warranty. This doesn't cover wear and tear, or crash damage.


Hand-built wheels

Wheels that we build where we select the parts for suitability have a lifetime warranty. That means we'll true the wheel, replace broken spokes, and adjust the hub, free of charge. This doesn't cover bent or broken rims (outside the manufacturer's warranty) or damaged spokes (due to impacts) or worn rims (due to braking).