Bikepacking is about taking the road less travelled, or creating your own route altogether.  We have heaps of bikes that can stomach anything you can throw at them, all while being loaded up with any gear you need to sleep under the stars or at the pub.

Australia has so much to offer, so come in for a chat about routes.  Chances are one of us can give you some firsthand knowledge about your desired trail, and if not then we'll be excited to learn of a new path.  

Bombtrack 2021 Beyond 1
Bombtrack 2023 Beyond 2
Bombtrack Beyond + Warm Grey Medium
Bombtrack Cale
Curve  GMX+ Steel Complete
Curve Cycling
Curve GMX+  Drop Bar Custom Build
Curve Cycling
Curve GMX+ Custom Build - Flat Bar
Curve Cycling
Kona Sutra LTD
Kona Unit
Kona Unit X
Surly Karate Monkey 27.5" 1x12 Deore
Surly Krampus

Tyre Clearance for off road exploration

We recommend tyres over 2.0” or 50mm for bikepacking adventures. Basically Mountain bikes from 20 years ago but with better brakes, more comfortable and higher performance tyres and all the carrying capacity you could ever dream of.

Steel Frame

Steel frames are our go to when it comes to bikes in general but especially for bikepacking bikes. Steel frames offer the best bang for buck in terms of durability, comfort, reliability and price. Pair it with a carbon fork if you’re more of a lightweight bikepacker or stick with a steel fork that has loads of Anything Mounting points. If you’re feeling fancy why not check out a Curve Titanium custom build? (link to custom build)

Mounting brackets 

Bikepacking bags or Panniers? Basket Packing? Maybe you also need your bikepacking bike to haul your groceries 48 weeks of the year. Our range of steel and titanium bikepacking bikes come with lots of options for mounting both racks and bikepacking bags. If you’re keen on a basket then go with a steel forked bike like a Kona Unit or Sutra. If you’ve already got some panniers and a rack from a commuter then you can throw that on a Surly Karate Monkey and your rig is 90% ready to tackle any bikepacking route. 


All our bikes come with a 30 day first free service. Get in touch with the Workshop now or email us to book your service.

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