The GMX+ is the ultimate titanium bikepacking bike. Whether it’s an overnight gravel grind, ultra-endurance racing like the Tour Divide, or off-road touring through the desert, the GMX+ can fit 3.0" tyres, carry loads of water and ready for adventure.
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For those that want to get well off the beaten track, the GMX+ is the bike for you. Designed around 29x3" tyres (27.5 x 3.0" in sizes XXS–XS), there isn't much this bike won't roll over. Wether it's crossings Australia on Race to the Rock, riding through the Rocky Mountains in Tour divide, or through the incridble Jagungal Wilderness in the Australian Alps, this bike will be at home. 

With long remote rides in mind the you'll be able to carry an incredible 10 1L bottles on board, with 2 in close reach on a split mount on the downtube, and still run a full frame bag. 

We love building these bikes up for customer to get them dialed in for whatever trips they may have planned. A few examples for you to get your bike building juices flowing, here are few examples of builds we've done. 

Davids GMX+ Custom Build