Cargo bikes have quickly become the main mode of transport or second car option. Whether to haul a load of groceries, the washing, a kid or two or even your furriest friend, a cargo bike may well be the newest addition to your stable.

Avoid traffic and enjoy the route to your destination!

Riding an electric Cargo bike will open your eyes to the possibilities of cycling as a transport option. You’ll be turning your commute into just another part of the big adventure of your life. Not only will you be getting healthier every ride but you’ll be contributing to one less car on the road and easing congestion for everyone around you.

How old does my child need to be in order to ride in a cargo 


Helmets are mandatory in Australia so that is a good starting point, the next is being able to safely fit in a childs seat such as a Yepp Maxi which we would recommend at around 1 year of age, but this will be slightly different for everyone else’s unique circumstance. If you’re unsure about whether E-Cargo bikes are right for your family, drop as a line or an email to chat today.

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