Ditch the car and save time with the perfect E-Cargo bike for a growing family or hauling some serious cargo. Experience the pleasure of riding a mid-drive Shimano powered E-Bike with seating options for kids out the back.
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Move over family car, the Kombi is here to take care of your daily drop off.


Meet the Kombi E5. Based on the top-selling Kombi “compact” long-tail cargo bike, this new electric-powered version is designed principally for flat terrain riding but able to handle big cargo loads.


The Kombi E5 boasts a host of features from Shimano — a high-quality and high-performance component manufacturer for different types of bicycles globally — all at a competitive price.


It’s powered by Shimano’s lightest E-bike system: the STEPS E5000 mid-drive motor and its 418 Wh battery. Key to riding safety is powerful braking, and the Shimano Alivio hydraulic disc brakes will inspire confidence in all conditions. What a “Kombination”!


The heart of this high-tech bike is the Yuba in-house designed chromoly-steel frame, featuring Yuba’s proven Stay Steady Technology (found on ALL Yuba compact, mid-tail and long-tail bikes), that is stable, sturdy and built to last. You’ll likely be riding it more than you use your car – and doing your part for a cleaner, healthier planet!


The Kombi E5 can handle up to 200kg of cargo — personalise your ride with a great range of add-ons for hauling the kids, or gear, or for the daily ride to work – then surprise everyone by parking it vertically to save space! This bike is a really great cargo bike for families, it will become your around the suburbs transport dream machine.


Our favourite Accessoires:

The Yuba E-Kombi is a long tail Cargo Bike that is a bit shorter than it's cousin the Yuba Mundo. If you're carrying young kids (5 or younger) the best option is going to be a Yepp style seat such as the Yepp Maxi, however once they get a bit older the Adjustable Monkey Bars are going to be the best option, especially when paired with the Soft Spot Seat Pad.  

Some nice to have accessories for any cargo bike are going to be a front basket like the Yuba Bread Basket and Liner.




  • Sturdy, Stay-Steady Chromoly steel frame for stability, comfort & reliability
  • Shimano Steps E5000 motor & 418 Wh battery
  • Shimano RD M2000 derailleur & 9-Speed 11-36 Cassette
  • Shimano Alivio hydraulic disc brakes
  • Maxxis Hookworm Tires 24 x 2.5 puncture-resistant
  • Super stable Double kickstand
  • Hi-Visibility LED lights
  • Front fender + rear wheelskirt – stay clean and safe!
  • Deflopilator for steering stability
  • Flat pedals
  • 2-year limited warranty