A top spec Rohloff touring bike ready for touring across Australia or extended overseas adventures
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The Vivente World Randonneur touring bicycle has been designed from the ground up to provide comfort and reliability for touring cyclists. 

The Vivente is the number one choice for serious cycle tourists with a Rohloff Speedhub and a Gates Carbon belt drive for ultimate reliability and low maintenance.

Vivente bikes stopped being available in early 2020 due to supply chain disruption in China, so we are beyond thrilled to be able to offer them again as an option for discerning riders. They will now be offered with a number of different options.

Frames are made in Taiwan (alongside 99% of the quality bike frames in the world) but then the bikes themselves are assembled and built in Tasmania. This is a wonderful development as it means there is room to customise the specification and it supports domestic manufacturing and jobs.  We can't think of another large production-scale bike company that does all its assembly and bike building in Australia, so we are really thrilled by this development! 

Most staff at the shop have extensive touring experience and we can help guide you through the process.

Here's some information about the build options:

Frame size: DTT refers to "drop top tube", which has a lower step-over frame

Wheel size: You have the choice of 700C wheels with 40mm tyres, or 650B (27.5") wheels with 2.25" (57mm) tyres.

Gear ratio: The default gear ratio is 50:19, however for people who will be going up really steep hills, with a lot of gear, and need easier gears, 46:22 is also available (20% easier). There is a 100kg rider limit for the lower ratio.