The bar for when you want a drop bar bike but don't want the fuss of changing to drop bar shifters.
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There are some funny questions you get asked a lot working a in a bike shop like "Can I put drop bar on my mountain bike" where the answer has been mostly a complicated sort of "No" for a long time and then Surly comes along and puts out a handlebar that turns that all on its head. 

The Surly Corner bar basically allows you to run a drop style handlebar on any bike currently running flat or mountain bike style shifters and brake levers. Is it a good idea ? Maybe, depends on the bike, but it's definitely more fun to try this than to spend a gazillion dollars on new drop bar compatible brakes and shifters and then realise you don't like the position.  

Comes with shims for 31.8mm if you need them.


  • Chromoly
  • 25.4mm clamp diameter
  • Brake lever compatibility: Mountain 22.2mm
  • Drop Bar flare: 41.4 degrees
  • Bar Drop: 94mm
  • Sweep Angle: 65.2 degrees
  • Colour: Black