The new SQlab Innerbarends 2.0 are a simple comfort upgrade for long rides, V.2 has a narrower clamping area, and use a redesigned shape.
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  As a shop that focuses on bike touring and bikepacking we get a lot of customers looking for ways to look after their hands on long rides. 

The SQlab Innerbarends are a particularly popular option because they sit inboard from your grips, unlike traditional bar ends. This allows your elbows to rest against your torso and orient the body slightly more forward. SQlab just announced their first major update in more than 10 years, releasing new Innerbarends 411 2.0 and Innerbarends 410 2.0. 

Both models feature a new clamp design with a removable spacer, allowing them to replace the clamp on SQlab’s 711 and 7OX grips for a clean integration. The 411 Innerbarends 2.0 adopt the shape of the 411 R Innerbarends Carbon, and the new Innerbarends 410 2.0 adopt the bulbous shape of the previous Innerbarends 411. Basically think of it as the 410 are the standard (104grams)  and the 411 are the minimalist racing version (57 Grams). We dont sell the carbon version anymore as it tripples in price for only another 17 grams saved. 

Innerbarends 410 2.0 (104 grams)

The existing bulbous design of the current 411 Innerbarends® will in future become the new 410 Innerbarends® and thus the comfort variant. The shape has been slightly improved for comfortable gripping.The 410 Innerbarends are compatible with every grip and every handlebar on the market due to the new, intelligent design of a sleeve in the clamp.For more comfort on longer rides, the 410 Innerbarends® are the perfect choice. These make it possible to change the grip position while riding and thus ensure relaxation of the neck muscles and hands without the wrists bending uncomfortably.  In the end, the change in grip position has a positive effect on performance. In addition, Innerbarends fulfill an important safety aspect, especially in road traffic. Because in contrast to the classic barends, the brake levers can be gripped permanently, despite the changed grip position.
Innerbarends 411 2.0 (57grams)
The new 411 Innerbarends® 2.0 take over the shape of the already known 411 R Carbon Innerbarends® and thus become a sporty, lightweight all-rounder with a good price-performance ratio. Functional improvement: The new, intelligent design with a sleeve in the clamp now makes it possible for the 411 Innerbarends 2.0 to be compatible with every grip and handlebar on the market.More power.14 watts saved. An internal study by SQlab showed that the power saving at a speed of 36 km/h averaged 5%. 
  • With 411 Innerbarends® > power output 279 watts
  • Without 411 Innerbarends® > power output 293 watts
This can be attributed to the aerodynamic, relaxed elbow position, which ensures maximum speed. More comfort. More comfort is provided by the more relaxed neck muscles and the changed hand load zones. This is particularly noticeable over long distances and ultimately has a positive effect on performance.More safety. Despite the changed grip position, the brake levers are permanently within reach - even with wide handlebars.