Hungry for high-volume bikepacking gear that combines practicality, durability, and beauty? The Smörgåsbord (or 'Smorgy') will satisfy your cravings.
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Swedish in name only, there’s nothing minimalist about the size of The Smörgåsbord!

The Smorgasboard is a modern lightweight high volumme saddle bag or handlebar bag. Its similar to the heavy duty canvas bags made by Carradice, but with a much more modern construction. 


  • Long flap style handlebar / saddle bag
  • 15-25L total capacity
  • Fits wide (50cm+!) drop bars, riser bars and saddle bag loops
  • 1mm HDPE stiffener
  • Aluminium buckles up front and on the compression strap.
  • Includes 2x 9” Voile Nano Straps, 3 foam spacer blocks, head tube stabiliser strap (same as the Big Lunch!), compression strap and wooden dowel.


The massive roll top main is expandable from 13L — 23L making it perfect for fitting all that bulky camping gear, or a change of clothes for your cute lil office job that you’ve gotta smell good for. There’s also a lil organiser in there for you to store knick knacks and doo-dads so they don’t disappear into the void!Two side pockets give you roughly an extra 1.5L each.


48cm wide (pockets stuffed full), 22cm high (rolled down) and 17.5cm deep.

Extra Information: 

You’re gonna want at least 25cm between your mounting point and the top of your tyre! Sorry small bike gang, you might have to go to rack city for this one.

For use on drop bars, you’ll need at LEAST 50cm between the hoods, and a bunch of flare in there so you can still get shifty.

For risers, you’ll wanna attach the bag to the bars at the widest possible point, to avoid any droopy edges. If you can’t get the attachment particularly wide, you’ll want to use that dowel to stiffen up the back and keep things nice and toight.

Same goes for dangling this big meany off the saddle - the dowel gives you something to wrap around so you can tighten it up good!

For extra information, check out Hungry's website here!