A versatile saddle bag that can handle day rides, long haul epics or even touring.
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Handmade in Australia the Skingrowsback FlashPak is a versatile option for gravel bikes, touring or bike packing. A lot of our customers with smaller clearance under their saddle might not be able to fit a bigger saddle bag, at the same tiny tiny saddle bags designed to just carry a tube or tools doent offer much cargo capacity. The FlashPak is a great middle size, 1.7L of volume and strealined enough to leave on year round.

We like the bomber construction, the smart tech fabrics and the magnetic closure. Its a beautiful bit of kit.


The 1.7 litre volume provides enough space for a jacket or lightweight sleeping bag. A Roll Top closure allows flexibility when packing. Two side release buckles offer easy access to the contents, the adjustable nature of these buckles means you can compress the load to suit. Strap Keepers help keep any loose ends tidy.

The Mounting Strap features our signature magnetic hook, once the strap is routed over the seat rails it can be easily tightened by pulling the loops down through the Step Lock system. The Mounting Strap is attached to the bag to make the tensioning of this part simple. It's important to remember that the tension of this strap relates directly to the stability and therefore the performance of the saddle bag.

A tapered front profile minimises leg strike. Extra stability is added with the One Wrap Seat Post mount.