Use Versamounts to add a bottle cage mount to anything you can secure a band around (tubes 20 - 60mm). Add a water bottle to your e-bike or kids bike. Mount cargo cages to your fork! The only limit is your imagination (and the weight limit... 1.5kg).
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We've often used the Versamount to

  • mount cages to a bike fork to pack sleeping bags/mats or waterbottles.
  • mount water bottle cage or other accessories on bikes without mounts or mounts in inconvemient places
  • mount the Knog Scout Alarm tracker underneath a bottlecage to a bike. 

Band style clamp provides easy installation and flexible mounting options.

Pack contains 2 clamps.

Clamp: Fits tube sizes ø20 - ø60 mm

Material: Engineering grade plastic

Max Load: 1.5kg / 3.31 lb

Weight: 26g/0.92 oz (2 pcs)