The Knog Scout combines an 85 decibel alarm to deter theft and Apple's 'Find My' app to find your bike if theft occurs. Mounts to standard water bottle mounts. iOS only.
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Probably our favorite new tech gadgets on 2023 ! The Knog Scout tracker allows you to keep track of your bike and also discourages theft.

Unlike Airtags which are designed to be thrown away when their batteries fail, the Scout has a rechargable battery and comes explicitly designed to mount on the bike.  

The bike can be set up in Alarm mode or tracker mode. 

Once armed, any movement of a Scout fitted Bike will trigger the motion-sensitive audio alarm discouraging any further movement and alerting the bike’s owner, both by the sound of the alarm and via a notification that is automatically sent to the owner’s iPhone (when in Bluetooth range).

Then in a scenario where a bike fitted with Scout is not where the owner has left it, it can be quickly located using Apple’s network via the ‘Find My’ app. 

  • Compatible with iOS only, can be used with other operating systems but needs to be set up with an IOS device then accessed through iCloud. This method will not allow you to use the alarm function.
  • Motion-sensitive 85 db audio alarm for immediate deterrence
  • Can be located quickly using Apple's 'Find My' app
  • Operated using Knog's iOS app
  • Mounts to standard water cage braze-ons
  • Can be mounted under water cage for discretion
  • Use supplied anti-tamper screws to mount securely
  • Neon silicone cover provided to advertise security device (if desired)
  • Arm / disarm using button (within 1.5 m) or app within bluetooth range
  • LEDs show alarm status & battery charge
  • USB-C rechargeable with 6 month battery life (cable not included)
  • Water resistant IP66 rating (wash-proof)
  • Weighs just 25 grams

Comes with an optional yellow silicon cover so that it sticks out or keep things sleek with black.