Small Bicycle specific paint pens, make your bike your own !
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Spray.Bike Sport pens are a great option for customising bikes, bike parts and acessories. They can be used for little touchups on frames to prevent rust or hide blemishes, or used for a creative flourish and completely revamp your ride.

We have used them to great success on frames, tyres and helmets. 

2mm tough nylon nib. 

SportPens have been developed by the experts at Spray.Bike.

  • highly pigmented matte acrylic paint
  • permanent
  • for solid, non-porous surfaces
  • high opacity
  • anti-scratch
  • anti-rub
  • odorless, safe, can be used indoors
  • high elasticity
  • water and weather resistant   

Great for: bike frames, scooters, saddles, inline skates, helmets, frisbees, rackets, bats, footballs, knee/shoulder pads, plastic, leather, vinyl
Don't use on: cotton, absorbent fabrics, T-shirts, baseball caps