A versatile, durable. practical, and all-round awesome product for carrying stuff on the front of your bike
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Jack The Bike Rack is a pretty ingenious product: it bridges the divide between a fully bolted-on front rack and a soft bikepacking setup.

It doesnt require any frame mounts so works on virtually any bike, and it provides a lot more support than soft bikepacking bags. If you have ever found yourself riding rough roads and desperately tightening straps to stop bags migrating or coming loose you will appreciate the extra support it provides. It avoids many of the issues with bikepacking bags (e.g. rubbing on the frame and cables) and can easily be swapped between different bikes. 

JACK lets you carry more things on your bike. It requires no tools to fit and securely attaches to bikes with a handle bar diameter of 22.2, 25.4 and 31.8mm. Its quick and easy to attach and remove so you can swap it from bike to bike. Please have a look at the compatibility diagrams to make sure JACK fits your bike before you purchase.

JACK comes with two carabiners, two adjustable length bungees (1.2m) with snake heads to secure your baggage and a bunch of spacers and inserts to fit JACK to your bike.

JACK is rated to carry 5kg max based on the negative affects of bike handling when loaded.