Not sure if you want a rack or a basket? Why not get a Rasket ! The best of both worlds for carrying your stuff on the bike.
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The Pelago Rasket is an integrated Rack and Basket for the front of your bike. We really like it as it is distinctly sturdier than running a basket by itself and allows you to safely load up the front.

Its made out of stainless steel and has a thicker gauge wire than the Wald basket. The lower legs give it strength and stability and can also take mini paniers if you want. 

The Pelago leg struts are hyper adjustable for different bike styles. includes a small bracket for mounting dynamo lights on the underside. 


The Rasket is constructed of stainless steel, which makes it light and durable. The Rasket is available both polished or black. The versatile attachment options make it easy to install and it fits most bicycles with 26” or 28” wheels. The rack comes with mounting piece for a front light.

Your belongings are within hands reach and thanks to the stable construction the basket doesn’t sway while riding. The rack also has additional attachment points for panniers.

The platform can hold up to 5 kg and the sides up to 5kg each. Recommended maximum load for Rasket is 15 kg in total.