Cargo front racks that are as tough as anything,
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CETMA Cargo front racks are handmade in the USA and designed for serious cargo hauling.

Important side note: We paid Lane for these racks in 2018 and it took 5 years and fifty emails of us chasing to get him to send us our racks. If you are considering ordering something direct from Lane be forewarned that this is a very common experience, many many folks never got what they paid for. We say this not to give him a hard time (he did eventually send our racks) but just for full honesty.

CETMA racks are handmade in the USA. They're made of steel and built for daily abuse. They were originally conceived and designed by messengers for real-life courier-work and utility. CETMA racks are continually tested by messengers world-wide who use them for work.

Rated for up to 27kgs of weight on the front which is way way more than any other front rack we have ever come across. Racks come with wheel axle mount stays by default, but we do have some eyelet mount stays