A purpose-made bike crate! Rust-proof, durable, lightweight, sturdy, and available in a range of sizes.
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  • Material: Recycled synthetic
  • Handle: Yes
  • Position on the bicycle: Front and/or rear
  • Installation: Cable tie or MIK system on MIK compatible racks or with an MIK adapter fitted to the rack and one on the base of the crate (sold separately)
  • Anti-theft: No
  • Removable: Removable by means of MIK system
  • Carrying capacity : Depends on max. allowed weight capacity of carrier.


Basil’s volume information is sketchy, so we measured the internal dimensions & weights from the actual products:

 LWD  Volume Weight
Small362519.5  17.55 0.8kg
Medium363024  25.92 1kg
Large45.53126  36.67 1.2kg


If you are using cable ties – thread them from below so that the ties end up underneath.  Use at least 6 to spread the sprain between multiple ties.  Locate them strategically on the rack and done up tightly to prevent movement.  Ensure you only thread them through thickened structural sections of the crate base as thin sections will tear.  When mounting on rear racks, make sure to leave at approx 5cm clearance behind the saddle (for bum clearance).  On standard rear racks, small and medium sizes tend to be best and may be better mounted sideways so that the load is not too rear heavy (too much weight behind the rear axle).  Large crates may be suitable for large Dutch style front racks or longer rear racks eg. on cargo bikes.

If you have a Basil MIK rack – you can purchase a Basil MIK adapter for the bottom of your crate to provide a convenient and secure quick release system.  You may need longer screws than those provided with the MIK package (select similar self-tapping style screws of the same diameter).

If you have a Racktime rack – you can purchase a Racktime Snap-it adapter for the bottom of your crate.  This will fit perfectly in the same mounting points as the MIK adapter.  You may need to adjust the Snap-it width to suit the hole spacing on your rack.

If you don’t have an MIK or Racktime rack, you can purchase a MIK adapter for your rack as well as your crate.


Topeak Cargo Nets – to stop things bouncing out.

Crate/basket covers – to stop thing bouncing out and to keep the rain out.  They’re also a good security option.

Restrap Straps – Attach each end to the handles and use the convenient magnetic snap-fastener in the middle.  A great for restraining dogs in your crate.  Thread through the back of their harness and tighten sufficiently to prevent to secure them from jumping and braking.