Need a spare key for your Abus lock? We can help with that!
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If you need additional keys for your Abus lock, we can get specially cut keys to match your lock.

Not sure what type of key you have? PLUS and X-PLUS keys are rectangular, and the notches have vertical sides, while wafer keys are more "normal", with diagonal tooth profiles.

Please include the key number when ordering:

  • For PLUS and X-PLUS locks, the number from your ABUS Code Card (including the "X" if there is one)
  • For wafer locks, all of the letters and numbers that are stamped into the key.

There is typically a 3-4 week lead time on production of these keys.

If you would like an additional keyed alike lock that uses the same keys as your current PLUS or X-PLUS lock, you can order them here (not available for locks that use wafer keys).