We can get another lock to match your Abus PLUS or X-PLUS keys.
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If you already have an Abus lock (with a PLUS or X-PLUS key), and you want another lock that uses the same key, then you need a keyed-alike lock.

If you would like spare keys, you can order them here.

When ordering, please include the number from your ABUS Code Card in the order notes (including an "X" at the start, if there is one).

The styles of locks available are:

  • Bordo: A folding lock made of interlocking steel plates, available in different lengths, and with or without a built-in alarm.
  • Granit: A D-lock with a solid metal shackle, available in different sizes.
  • CityChain: A heavy duty chain lock, available in different lengths.
  • Frame/wheel lock: A lock to attach to your bike, and immobilise by locking through the wheel.
  • Bosch battery lock: For e-bikes with Bosch batteries.

Locks that have "SH" or "EazyKF" in their name come with a holder/bracket that can be mounted on the bike.

You can only order a lock of the same key type you have already. If your Code Card has an "X" at the start, you have an X-Plus lock. If it doesn't (just a number), you have a Plus lock.

Please note that we can't order keyed-alike locks for wafer-style keys - you must have a Code Card.

There is typically an 8-12 week lead time on production of these locks.