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Velox Cloth Rim Tape 2m roll

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Velox Fond de jante, which literally translated means "bottom of the rim", the classic cloth rim tape as used by bike shops the world over for as long as I can remember. The finishing touch to any wheel (as long as you don't want to run it tubeless), the tough material will never allow the inner tube to pop through to the spoke heads and as long as you fit it carefully it will stay put. You can even re-use it if you're careful.To fit, start by fitting the punched hole across the valve hole of the rim and work your way around. Overlap by 2-3 cm and cut with scissors or a sharp knife.Velox tape is available in several widths, the most popular of which are 16mm (pink writing), 19mm (green writing) and 22mm (blue writing). Generally 16mm and 19mm will fit road rims, and 22mm is for mountain bikes.

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