Tumbleweed's T-rack is a minimalist chromoly steel support rack designed to provide extra support to your handlebar bag or saddle bag.
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These are designed to work on the front or rear of your bike with huge tyre clearance (4.75 inches). They also have side three pack mount for extra cargo cages or water bottles. Loads can be strapped to the top and the rack has light mounts. The racks come with 2 sets of upper mounting struts, 100mm and 300mm long to fit on the front or rear of your bike

The racks come in two leg lengths so measure up your bike to figure out what length of strut you need to clear your tyre. Measure from the lower mounting point on your frame to the top of your tyre, then add about 20mm for clearance around your tyres, and then round up to the size rack you need. Different bikes have very different mounting point heights, so if in doubt shoot us an email.

(Not recommended for use with panniers, if you want to run small panniers have a look at the Tumbleweed Mini Pannier rack, if you want to use large panniers get a full size touring rack)