Omafiets mechanics version of the Tumbleweed Rack adapter, used on the fork crown for mounting the twin arms of a Tumbleweed or Surly racks.
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A number of front racks come with a twin arm setup for mounting on the shoulder of the fork blades. This can make mounting on bikes with just a single hole at the fork crown difficult. 

Tumbleweed makes a front rack adapter for this purpose but at $10 US is a bit overkill for many instances. We have made up some small brackets that achieve the same purpose. First two photos are our bracket, second two photos are the Tumbleweed version showing how its designed to work. 

Works on many other brands (like Surly front racks) that also have twin arms. 

Does not include bolts or nylock nuts as these will vary widely in terms of length depending on your bike.

Bracket is drilled to take a m5 or m6 bolt at the fork crown and an m5 bolt on the shoulders. 

You must use nylock nuts and washers to ensure it doesn't vibrate or work its way loose on rough roads. Ensure all bolts are torqued adequately.