A trully expedition worthy bikepacking and adventure bike, designed arround the well proven Rohloff gear system
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The Prospector is a timeless and rugged expedition mountain touring bike, designed around the stalwart Rohloff Speedhub drivetrain. It’s a bike designed to be reliable, tough and field serviceable in the harshest of conditions. In the face of ever changing bicycle part standards and the integration of exotic materials, the Prospector is built to last and to buck the trend of short product cycles and throw away upgrade culture.

We believe that the most important features of a reliable expedition bike are a comfortable fit, a tough frame/fork, strong wheels, reliable components, and as much tire/mud clearance as possible.

While the Prospector is derailleur compatible, it was designed specifically around the Rohloff SPEEDHUB, a 14 speed internally geared drivetrain that has proven itself to be supremely dependable and capable. We've been using Rohloff hubs on our tours for over a decade and tens of thousands of miles through sand, mud, snow and at elevations of up to 18,000' without issue.

The Prospector has several features that separate it from other expedition bikes.

A Phil Wood eccentric bottom bracket offers half an inch of bottom bracket height adjustability, custom cast dropouts work seamlessly with the Rohloff hub, and a hollow chainstay yoke maximizes every millimeter of mud and tire clearance to round out a complete package that can take you anywhere in the world with confidence.