Tubolito ultralight inner tubes are a small but noticable upgrade to any Brompton, half the weight of a standard tube and tougher as well.
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Of all the places to save weight on a Brompton, the wheels make the most noticeable difference.

Standard Schwalbe Inner tubes come in at approx 85 grams, and the Tubolito tubes 43grams. Running a pair drops all important rotating weight and helps with acceleration.

If you are packing a spare they are also about physically half the size of a standard tube and much easier to pack. 

Prompt weight savings: using Tubo-Folding Bike  can make folding bikes instantly lighter, so they can be carried along easier.

Due to the processing of new materials the production of Tubo-Folding Bike needs much fewer water and emits less CO2 as the production of tubes made of rubber or latex. This makes Tubo-Folding Bike a very ecofriendly inner tube.

Tubes can be patched and repaired but only with the special Tubolito patch kit