Quite simply some of the finest mudguards in the world. Manufactured in Tokyo, Japan, these aluminium beauties are a beautiful, funtional, and durable accessory for any bike. How wonderful to have mudguards for chonker tires!
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Simworks continue to knock it out of the park with their thoughtful collaborations with niche component manufacturers. These fenders, manufactured by Honjo in Japan, are fantastic for riders running tires up to approximately 2.5".

As you can tell from its name, it is a flat form and has very neat tire-arch. When we look at the regular fender, almost everything is arch shaped, but if you attach this flat 80, it is going to be fresh and looks perfectly modern. Not only covering up the wide tire, but also it looks sporty and very light. If you are looking for something new, then this is it.

Comes with Front & Rear fender & Standard Stay Kit.


Wheel Size:27.5" (380R) / 29" (390R)
Max Tire Size: 
U Stay:5mm diam.