We love to see the places our bikes have taken you. Have you found yourself somewhere spectacular on your Omafiets bike? Send us a photo of your bike and we'll put it here for posterity!


Paul's Surly Krampus

"Thank you to all at Omafiets for your support. I have just returned from a bucket list trip, 1500km on the GDMBR (from Butte, MT to Boreas Pass, CO) on my Surly Krampus purchased and serviced at Omafiets!"


Budge's tourer

"This photo was taken on our (non-official) Torino-Nice Rally bikepacking trip in August 2019, which more or less followed the border of Italy and France through the mountains. A mix of gravel and tarmac, using paper maps to navigate, staying in mountain refuges ('refugi' and 'gîtes') and towns along the way, before reaching the coast in Nice, navigating landslides, lightning storms, extreme heat, and rabid wild mountain canines! This photo was at the highest point of the 12 day tour (2744m), one of the many border crossings between France and Italy (we also crossed into and out of Monaco!), on the Colle dell 'Agnelo (often used in the TdF and Giro). A big thanks to Omafiets who helped in getting this bike ready for the tour, even if I did forget to bring spare brake pads..."


Daniel's Soma Wolverine

"We were caught in a blizzard in Northern China before reaching Outer Mongolia. We had to camp there through the blizzard. I think this was when I got mild frost bite."


Martin's Curve GXR Titanium

"This shot was taken in the rugged backwaters of Centennial Park. Doorstep mile completed, and it was time for a photo. Next stop was Lithgow, then Sofala, Gulgong and a lap of the CWC Trail."


Mark's Vivente Anatolia

"Razorback Lookout, just north of Wilpena Pound, S.A., in May this year. It was very dry, and the taste of dust is an abiding memory. It's steeper than it looks. I must remember to leave behind the kitchen sink next time!"


Walter's Trek

Taken somewhere on the Centra West Cycling Trail.


Liam's tourer

A pretty special view of Sydney.


Andrew's Focus

"It's times like these where you learn to appreciate the small adventures close to home. This photo was taken on a weekend away from Sydney. I took the train to Bathurst and cycled to Carcour catch up with a mate living there. I cycled along the country roads, through rolling hills, stunning countryside and across Carcour Dam where I took this photo. I'm looking forward to these simple trips the most, getting back on the bike to see more of country NSW."


Garth's Brompton

Garth took his Brompton on the Tour Divide route in the USA, normally considered an off-road bikepacking route. "Started in Banff made it to the bottom of Montana."


David's Surly Karate Monkey

"The sign says Weabonga, so I guess thats where we were at the time, I am probably just off camera passed out in heat exhaustion as usual!"


Trent's Brompton

"Went into Omafiets to buy a nine speed shifter, left with a Brompton after talking to Gus, took my Brompton to Japan for a winter time bike packing trip, no regrets. Thanks Gus. @ shimanami kaido, Shikoku, Japan."


Harrison's Surly Bridge Club

"“Bikepacking from Sydney to Queensland. Just past Coffs Harbour on our way to Pebbly Beach via a fire trail, after kilometres of mud and flooding with the light fading we had to set up camp on a closed track just before nightfall. This is the view we woke up to.”


Ross' Bombtrack Beyond

"Pic taken in the Goonoo State Forest on the Central West Trail. I did the ride with work colleagues last year. We had such a great time and the bike handled everything including the greasy mud of the Goonoo. Next trip will be the Tasmanian Trail whenever that may be possible."


Ali's Curve Kevin of Steel

"We went ‘home’ to our favourite spot in the Jagungal wilderness in a moment of covid normal around Australia Day. Rach was 12 weeks pregnant and craving adventure before she settled into the road of motherhood ahead. It meant we stopped for lots of beautiful swims in streams and snacks in shady spots. I will forever treasure this adventure with three of my best friends and another new life on the way. I look forward to returning with the next generation of riders with us one day. "


Gabrielle's tourer

"What was supposed to be an 18 month honeymoon in South America was cut short due to covid. We were definitely underbiked at times, but it was all part of the fun!"


Donald's Surly Ice Cream Truck

Donald with his Surly Ice Cream Truck in the Iditarod Trail Invitational, Alaska. Approaching the Alaska Range at dawn.


Rachel's tourer

"Marrakai, nearing the outskirts of Darwin after our 6 month bikepacking ride from Sydney, through the Snowy Mountains, the hills of Victoria, the Great Ocean Road and up the centre, through Kakadu and finally into Darwin."


Stuart's Rawland

"On a day trip out of Bilpin, about to head into the depths of Wollemi National Park."


Kitty's tourer

"An early morning rise for these Eastern Grey Kangaroos and us, at at Honeysuckle campground, Namadgi National Park on the lands of the Ngunawal/ Ngarigo people. "


Pete's Vivente Swabia

"My 7000km ride across the USA, on my Vivente Swabia, began in San Francisco and finished Keywest. An unforgettable camping experience at Monument Valley, Utah."


John's Vivente Anatolia

"While cycling the Bushranger 1100, I took my Vivente along the amazing Link Trail from Gloucester Tops to Carey's Peak in the Barrington Tops."


Daniel's Surly Troll

"I ride it around the Sea of Galilee in Israel many times because my family lives there. I wake up at around 5am and do a 5 hour ride around the lake. It’s about 50 km."


Matthew's Wolverine

"Oliver was able to get my Soma Wolverine ready just in time for a week of cycling in Myrtleford Victoria, Christmas 2019. I did a number of great rides on it, but a special favourite was the ride up to the Mt Buffalo Chalet. The Soma Wolverine was great on both the way up and coming back down."


Adam's Vivente

"This is my brand new (at the time) Vivente Anatolia and my friend Cat's old Vivente (formerly Omafiets' hire bike) coming into the final days of a pandemic-era ride from Coffs Harbour to Newcastle. We'd just come off a mountain bike trail that was nearly too much for us but took us through beautiful bushland full of goannas and away from the freeway."


Stan's tourer

"Going to the Sun Road in Montana-Glacier National Park 4 July 2015. Heading to St Marys from the top of Logan Pass"


Chris' tourer

"Just a quick 2day getaway. Lismore NSW thru the Richmond range national park to Bonalbo for a night then to Grafton to meet with friends camping the second night. Sponge a lift home on Sunday."


Rob's Budnitz

"I had no way of contacting my old friend Poppy who I hadn’t seen in a few years. By chance someone told me she would be in the hill top town of Mougins just for the day before flying home to Ireland to sit out Covid at her parents farm. I was about to return to Australia too so I knew if we didn’t meet in Mougins that day it might be a long time until we did. So I rode up there from my place on the coast near Cannes and put my bike on the stone wall, overlooking the countryside below. I’d sent her photos of it and it’s an unusual bike, a Titanium Budnitz. I hoped that if I couldn’t find her she might at least recognise the bike and look for me in the little town before leaving. In the end we met up for a drink and celebrated the last of our days in France."


Jan's Vivente Anatolia

"Cycling the Central West Trail May 2021..sun, mice, rain, mud, breezes, mist, fabulous towns, gravel, farmlands, gorges and bush. This one into the fog then out!!! Ballimore to Geurie."


Kerrie's Brompton

"2018 rode our old and new Bromptons from Darjeeling into Sikkim to walk up to the base of Kanchenjunga shown in the background."


Bob's Brompton

"Riding the Mediterranean, France between Toulon and Nice in 2019 on my brand new Omafiets Brompton."


Beau's Vivente Anatolia

"I rode Cape Sata to Cape Soya, Japan (Southern to Northernmost tip) on my Vivente Gibb (bought from you guys in Surry Hills!) as what was supposed to be an 18 month Grand Tour (South to North of Japan, Canada to Mexico, ~Greece to UK) cut short by Covid :(
Including the fact I commuted on it for a year prior to leaving, the bike's seen ~10,000km of heavy loaded travel without a service, puncture or chain change. The only thing eventually wearing out being one of the pedals (not sure why, but just straight up disintegrated halfway up a mountain ^^) and eventually the rear tire (the front's still good for another 5km says I). Couldn't recommend it enough!" Here's Beau's YouTube series on riding in Japan.


Adrian's Malvern Star

"This is the only picture I took of myself cycling 5 years ago. I brought this bicycle with a broken shifter to get it fixed and ready to cycle to Melbourne. I cycled along the coastline to reach Melbourne from the south. This picture was taken one day before Wilson's Prom, I think around Welshpool on a slightly rainy day. As you can see I wasn't really that well prepared. No front panniers but the backpack on my back. No sleeping mattress, 12 dollar K-mart tent.
Sadly I left this bicycle in Australia, and should have taken it with me back to Belgium. But this trip was the perfect warmup to cycle from Belgium to India in 2019. Since November 2019 I'm still here where I have met my wife. So thank you for fixing my Malvern star back then."


Jono's Surly Ogre

"I made a 3000km loop through the southern part of WA. It isn't very beautiful or exciting, but it is still adventure. I think we are always looking for the most amazing views, the best route etc. But you don't need that to have a challenge. It's what you make it. "


Andrew's Vivente Deccan

"General Wade’s Military Road above Loch Ness. Part of Land’s End to John O’Groats 2018. The bike is a Vivente Deccan bought from Omafiets. This trip was 40 years in the making: I was cycle touring in the UK in 1981 when I met a 65 year old retired pharmacist, who had always wanted to ride LEJOG and after 40 years of running a business & raising a family he was fulfilling his dream at last. I promised myself that when I retired I’d do the same."


Dale's Salsa

"Shop ride with Omafiets -July 2018. Here I was waiting for the grupetto to catch me on the Upper Colo bridge. I had ridden from Sackville up Wheelbarrow ridge road. Sadly, the bridge was washed away this year. The ride finished at Bell the next day."


Paul's Surly Troll

"May 2016, tour of Tohoku and heading south after riding the east coast from Narita to Aomori then cross country to a route that took me through the upper reaches of the Kisu valley heading to Matsumoto. Spring is bear time in Chikuma and surrounding mountains, this was a stop to get water from a mountain spring. My Rohloff powered Surly Troll performed well for the whole tour."


Martin's Brompton

"Ready to climb the Rimutaka incline over the range into Upper Hutt. 4 day ride from Napier in NZ to Wellington. Touring on a Brompton, bag on rear rack carries the Brompton and checks in as luggage for flight back home to Australia."


David's Bombtrack Beyond+ ADV

"Riding the Mawson Trail in South Australia with my Bombtrack Beyond+ was an unforgettable experience. Among the many highlights were the native Cypress Pine forests between Rawnsley Park and Wilpena Pound."


Graham's tourer

"This photo was taken locally on a beautiful single track in Scribbly Gums Conservation Area. Once lockdown is over I’m planning to ride the whole BVRT."


Matt's Bombtrack Beyond+ ADV

"Hunt 1000...November and mud sooooo thick we did 4km in two hours until we finally hit some free road...and then it snowed...and snowed!!"


Evan's Surly Krampus

"Riding my Surly Krampus (the pink and blue unicorn) on a fire trail behind my house in Kuring-Gai. It links up with other trails in Lane Cove National Park and it lots of fun to ride with plenty of elevation change. If it rains it gets super rowdy! The trail is shared with trail runners, dog walkers and various local residents postulating and pondering their existence in a chaotic world... and occasionally a wallaby will come out to say hey"


Michael's Salsa Cutthroat

"Day trip across Jagungal at Christmas 2019 (I think) with a Salsa cuthroat. This was taken at Schlinks pass."


Norm's Brompton

"Took my Brompton from Omafiets to Andros Island in the Bahamas for a week of exploring. "


Jonathan's Brompton

"Brompton tour with son around Tumut and Tumbarumba area, including rides of the Tumbarumba rail trail and the Gilmore Valley circuit, both great scenic country rides of about 50km with gentle rolling hills, just challenging enough on a Brompton. The rail trail has really invigorated Rosewood and Tumbarumba with new cafes and accommodation, and hopefully it will be extended north and south in the future. Brompton are great for holidays, put in the boot, a bike is always available, makes for a different and better holiday experience where you see a lot and really get to know the place."


Ben's tourer

"We cycled from Lake Bled in Slovenia to Thermopylae, Greece. The route took us through 9 countries and we bivvied every night. This photo was taken climbing up through the mountain of Bosnia and was 'home' for the night. Take me back."


Matt's tourer

"Enroute from Dalgety to Delegate on my trusty old stumpy, reborn as an off-road touring machine."


Mark's Surly Ogre

"In November 2020 my younger brother, Scott, turned 60. So, along with another mate in his sixties, we celebrated by completing a 6 day ride in the through the Jagungal wilderness in Kosciusko National Park. The other two rode their full suspension mountain bikes with bike packing setups but I chose my trusty Surly Ogre and panniers. The Ogre was awesome and the pannier setup proved much easier to pack and balance. I can’t wait until we’re all paroled from lockdown and we can get out there again."


Peter's Surly Ogre

"On a 3 day ride loop around the picturesque NSW south coast Cobargo-Nimmitabel-Turks-Cobargo."


Toby's Orbea

"Lots of copperheads to dodge on the Narrow Neck trail! Perfect day for a steep ascent."


Franky's Surly Karate Monkey

"Franky does Karate in the mountains on her new Karate Monkey!"


Manfred's Moustache

"My partner and I rode the East Gippsland rail trail in December 2019. It’s a great ride and we have a fun time camping along the way and enjoying nature on a bike."


Tom's tourer

"I quit my job to spend 2 months cycling across Europe solo in 2018. One of the highlights was the 1,600m climb up Top Gear's acclaimed Best Road in the World - the Transfagarsan Highway in Transylvannia, Romania. Starting on the North side in Cartisoara, the road snakes 30km through beautiful ancient forest to a height of 2,100m before commencing the southern descent. This is my fully laden Spa Cycles Steel Tourer at the top, 2,600km into the trip. This bike safely transported me 3,700km through 14 different countries from the UK to Istanbul without even a puncture!"


Elizabeth's tourer

"A road trip to Mudgee NSW for city riders, bikes, big skies, a storm brewing what more could a gal want to soothe her urban heart..."


Matt's Vivente Deccan

"In 2018 my Vivente and I cycled from Adelaide to Darwin. A few months ago we went from Perth to Melbourne. The bike is a champion. 1 flat tyre, a loose brake cable and somehow my bell fell off. And my seat is starting to fall apart. But that’s not bad for 6,200km." Matt's blog is here.


Mark's Vivente Deccan

"I'd dreamt and saved for a Vivente tourer for years and finally bought one, with panniers and gear from Omafiets in March this year. As a new resident to Sydney and not owning a car, I used trains to take me south, north or east and then cycled home over one or two nights. This photo is taken at Pitt Water YHA on the Saturday afternoon when Sydney lockdown started in June at 6pm. I cycled from my home in Carlingford up to Church Point and then put the bike on the ferry to Halls Warf. The last 1km up the gravel path to the YHA was the toughest of the day. I was the only guest there that night - so quiet, so peaceful. I knew that the cycle home on the Sunday would probably be the end of my last overnight cycle tour for a while and so made the most of the ride back down the Central Coast foreshore."


Malcolm's tourer

Lake Pukaki NZ, just before the COVID-19 pandemic.


Reed's Riese & Muller Superdelite

Reed's been exploring the South Coast of NSW. "The bike is awesome (and worth the money)."


Howard's Soma Wolverine

Howard lovingly painted this Wolverine frame, and then built it up in the randonneur style. It's seen here in the Australian Alps.


Laksmi's Vivente Anatolia

The frame might be extra-small, but the adventures have been extra-big. Here's a shot of Laksmi with her bike (named "Rainbow Garuda Benedict") overlooking a Norwegian fjord from the Rallarvegen trail, at the end of a bike tour from Portugal to Norway.


Daniel's Vivente Anatolia

Daniel rode over the Pyrenees, the Dolomites and the Alps - that's a few mountains! "Europe has made my appreciation of the humble bicycle soar even higher"


Ben's Soma Wolverine

Ben has taken his Wolverine on some gnarly trips through the bush around Sydney, including a few fishing trips.


Cath's Soma Wolverine

"I love my bike so much."


Jack's Soma Wolverine

Off the beaten track, Jack's exploring on his Wolverine.