The Riese & Muller Transport Cover protects the inside of your bike, and the electrical connections of the Bosch system, from the elements while your bike is on a rack on your car.
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500Wh Vertical: For Charger3, Supercharger2, Delite MY2020, Superdelite

500Wh Horizontal: For Culture GT / Homage GT / Nevo GT (from MY2019)

625Wh Vertical: For Delite, Superdelite, Charger, Supercharger MY2020

625Wh Horizontal: For Nevo3, Homage MY2021 (Single Battery)

625Wh Horizontal DualBattery: For Homage from MY2021 with DualBattery

750Wh Horizontal: For Nevo4

750Wh Vertical: For Charger4