An excellent patch kit. The sandpaper has a rubber backing which means you can actually use it. This is the one that staff use on biketours and on commutes.
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  Hands down if you are looking for the best patch kit, it's the Rema Tip Top kit. The patches are serrated on their edges and just genuinely  better at sticking than any other patch we have ever used. Number one pick for shop staff and for cycletourers world wide. 


This patch kit includes:

  • 6 Tube patches size F1
  • 1 Tube patch size F2
  • 1 Tube of SVS vulcanizing fluid 5 g
  • 1 Emery paper with special rubberpad

The red feather edge helps get a good bond to the tube and a nice smooth edge. There are cheaper patch repair kits out there but none as good!

See this video for instructions.