Keeping electronic devices going on long bike rides is a breeze with the PedalCell charging system.
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PedalCell is a new way of charging electronic devices on long bike rides. At the shop we have been doing hub dynamo work for close to ten years and lots of solutions for charging over that time. However the real limit is that hub output is capped at 3W and it involves not just buying a hub but rebuilding the wheel around it. 

PedalCell requires no wheel rebuild, bolts on in minutes and puts out up to 15-20W to meaningfully charge modern power hungry devices like phones, GPS units and Lights. 

It can easily be moved between bikes and when disengaged creates Zero drag. 


Generator 15-20 watt output, can be decoupled when not in-use.

Smart Power*

• Patented CadenceX Technology

• 1X prioritized safety USB-C (600mA, 5V)

• 1X high-powered device USB-C (2.4A, 5V)

Drag Adaptive Based on Speed and Device Power Needs

Weight 1 lb (490g)**

Enclosure Weather-resistant 30% Fiberglass Nylon and Aluminum

Consumables Rubber O-Ring Replacement every ~2-3K miles

Top Speed Decouple above 40 MPH

Compatibility Fits most bicycles with a circular or oval fork design. Can be mounted on the rear seat/chainstay of select bicycles***

*Actual power varies depending on speed, mount location, and device used.

**540g with strap and cable

***Not recommended on Carbon rims and Inverted Fork Suspensions.