Packing an impressive output of 1700 lumens in an incredibly compact housing, the EVO 1700 is Magicshine's first bike light designed to be mounted underneath and a great light for you and other road participants.
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Ensuring safety and visibility are paramount concerns for cyclist. Similar to car headlights, it features a precisely calibrated low beam with a clear cut-off line, directing light directly onto the road ahead. This prevents the light from spreading too far outwards and upwards, avoiding the risk of blinding oncoming road users.

Additionally, the EVO 1700 includes a high beam for darker paths, trails, or fast rides. The high beam provides increased luminosity that extends beyond the glare horizon, significantly improving visibility. This enhanced range allows cyclists to easily identify and avoid obstacles, potholes, and potential hazards that might otherwise be overlooked.

What sets the EVO 1700 apart is its innovative mounting system, designed to mount the light underneath the handlebar and create space for a bike computer. This makes your cockpit neat and clean while keeping the light in the best orientation for the nice beam to do its thing. The lightweight out-front mount with a GoPro quick-release design makes it possible to install, adjust and remove the light in seconds. 

By connecting to the Magicshine App, you can customize your lighting preferences by adding new modes or adjusting brightness levels to suit your specific needs. In addition, the wireless remote provides instant access to on/off, mode switching, and even the maximum output without taking your hands off the handlebars, keeping your focus solely on the road ahead.

  • USB C charging cable included (5hour full charge time)
  • Low beam, high and flash (night and day modes for each)
  • Waterproof IPX6 level