The Homage is an e- bike that can wear a lot of hats. Whether you want to ride rail trails, commute on rough roads or pick up some groceries, it's comfortable step through design and dual suspension frame will give you the confidence to ride anywhere.
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The bike for your on and off-road adventures.

The Homage goes under the radar and delivers huge features under a slick frame. Dual suspension and a dual battery bike offer an uncompromising level of comfort and range. Riese & Muller have tweaked the Homage’s geometry to ensure that it’s step through frame is easy to get on and off!

Geometry tweaks by Riese & Muller mean the Homage is a joy to ride, while wide Schwalbe tyres ensure a great ride. With a Vario or Rohloff belt drive drivetrain, you’ll be assured of an efficient and easy to live with bike.

This bike is equally suited for sealed bike paths and off-road rail trails, or from your front door to the shops. It will handle your commute as well as your weekend adventure, flattening all the hills and inspiring you to go further than you have before.

The Homage can be configured with:

  • GT Rohloff E-14 internal gear hub & Gates Carbon Belt
    • Bosch Performance Line CX
    • 1 x 625Wh Bosch Powertube battery or double it for 1250Wh
  • GT Vario/Enviolo 380 internal gear hub and Gates Carbon belt drive
    • Bosch Performance Line CX
    • 1 x 625Wh Bosch Powertube battery or double it for 1250Wh
  • GT Touring - Shimano Deore XT 11-speed deraiileur gear
    • This models comes with a 625Wh Bosch Powertube battery.
  • GX Option upgrade: Studded, off road Schwalbe all-terrain tyres for puncture resistance and off road riding.
  • Dropper/lowerable saddle upgrade: A remote controlled seatposts lower your feet to the ground without getting off the seat for a smooth stop and start.
  • Comfort kit upgrade: Gain a wider saddle and a swept back handlebar style for a comfortable upright position

The internal geared hub and Gates Carbon belt drive eliminates a dirty chain and drastically reduces your maintenance on the bike so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Fully integrated SKS mudguards and lights by Busch & Muller and Supernova keep you dry and visible while urging you to travel all day.

Dual Battery Integration

You can upgrade the standard 625Wh battery to the DualBattery option of 1250Wh which will unlock the maximum range with fewer stops for charging. The DualBattery system is fully integrated into the frame which means it hardly affects the handling, leaving you to enjoy the sporty handling of the Homage.


Suspended Rear Carrier

Unique in its design, the suspended rear carrier that comes standard on the Homage will keep all your gear in one place while you tackle the roughest terrain.



E-bike System

Bosch supplies one of the most reliable and performant E-bike packages available for the Homage with a Bosch Performance Line CX (Gen 4) motor and on-board computer.

21_hlf_hom_motordetail_5519 (1).jpg


The Bosch Performance Line CX motor which is integrated into the bottom bracket of the bike, ensuring plenty of ground clearance and low centre of gravity. A Mid-Drive E-Bike provides a more enjoyable riding experience compared to a hub motor. It’s the difference between feeling like you’re riding a normal bike, as opposed to being pulled by horses.

E-bikes do not use a throttle accelerator like a traditional motorcycle. Instead the driving force is applied as you turn the pedals, contribute to a smooth application of the available power. The harder you push on those pedals, the more power your motor will put out to help you.

Sensors in the motor report to the control unit the power, speed and cadence so that the motor can apply the best power curve to support your riding.

However when you stop pedalling there is a minimal amount of friction due to Bosch’s consistent engineering improvements so you won’t be bogged down when you stop pedalling.

All Riese & Muller bikes come equipped with a walk assist function that enables riders to walk along with their bike at 6km/hr which is perfect if you have to push the loaded bike up a steep hill.

Maximum speed of assistance in Australia is 25km/hr.

The Performance Line CX motor provides up to 340% of pedal assistance accessed via 4 different modes of assistance ranging from 140-340%.

Control technology

Rear suspension on the Charger4 means you’ll have perfect traction on any terrain, even at high speeds. It will also help you feel more comfortable on rough road conditions. Pairing this with powerful Magura hydraulic disc brakes means you’ll have no trouble navigating any situation you find yourself in.

Light Technology

Seeing in low light and night time conditions is handled by the Supernova M99 Mini Pro headlamp. The rear Supernova M99 Tail Light features a brake light to keep you safe in high traffic areas.

Integrated Cockpit

The display on a Riese & Muller Bosch E-Bike is the control centre, enabling the rider to select between 4 pedal assist modes. The Bosch Smart System allows for configuration of those modes.

The Homage can be configured with Bosch’ Intuvia100, Kiox 300, SmartphoneHub and Nyon hub.

Bosch Intuvia

The Intuvia Display gives the rider full control of their system as well as an overview at all times. Battery status, range, mileage totals, ride time, current motor power, time, speed and average speed are all displayed on an easy to see screen.

Bosch Kiox Cockpit

For performance driver riders, with optional pairing to a heart rate monitor via bluetooth. The display is scratch resistant and is easily read in sunlight. This model also features map-free navigation in conjunction with a smartphone.

Bosch SmartphoneHub Cockpit


The Bosch SmartphoneHub and free app turns your smartphone into an E-Bike display which combines smart navigation with live weather, fitness data and much more. Your smartphone’s standard functions are perfectly integrated and can be operated from the handlebar. The Bosch SmartphoneHub is just as perfectly integrated into the tidy minimalist cockpit with internal cabling and adjustable stem angle. And if you leave your smartphone at home, the permanently fixed display also shows the key riding data.

Bosch Nyon Cockpit


The Nyon display is perfectly integrated into the cockpit: the internal cabling creates a tidy, minimalist appearance. The adjustable angle of the stem lets you choose between a sportier or more upright seating position. The Nyon display ensures that you are fully connected and ideally equipped with navigation for every tour or day-to-day ride. The colour display, with its intuitive touch function, is very simple to use and, thanks to being robust and easy-to-read, is guaranteed to get you to your destination in any weather. The user interface can be customised to your needs.

Frame sizing

Frame size49cm54cm58cm
Height [m]1.65 -1.801.75-1.901.80-2.0
Standover [cm]515253
Reach [cm]38.54144
Stack [cm]666666

Weight rating:

Gross vehicle weight rating [kg]150
Luggage rack [kg]20
Handlebar bag/basket[kg]5

Riese & Muller offer a two-year warranty on their bikes, which can be upgraded to a five-year warranty if you register your bike with them within four weeks or purchase.

Batteries are guaranteed that they will still have a capacity of 60% after two years or 500 full charge cycles (whichever comes first). All warranty promises relate to private customers in the initial purchase.