An angle-grinder resistant lock for high-value bikes.
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  The best Bicycle lock for high value e bikes or simply for ultimate peace of mind. Works fundamentally differently than all the other U-locks on the market in that it breaks down Angle grinder blades. Thieves would need to have multiple spare blades to get through this making it a very time consuming and expensive prospect. 

If you're worried about your bike being stolen, this is the lock for you. With a special compound that destroys angle-grinder blades, this is the ultimate in protection.

  • 20mm graphene reinforced premium hardened steel shackle
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sold Secure Diamond Motorcycle & Bicycle ratings
  • Locking Area: 15.5cm X 9.2cm
  • +20 times more resistant to angle grinder attack than standard D locks
  • 1.9kg