The GS1 Evo excels in providing ergonomic comfort for riders of all dispositions - tourers, mountain bikes, commuters, you name it!
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The GS1 Evo combines the ever-popular characteristics of the GP1 with the mountain-oriented features of the GA3: a sleeker profile and textured grips for your hand's contact points fashioned out of soft, natural rubber. As with the other grips in Ergon's lineup, these are made in Germany. 

To ensure that the GS1 Evo fits in hands of all sizes, two sizes are offered. The difference between Small and Large is the grip thickness in hand. A larger hand has a better fit on a thicker grip than on a thinner one. Accordingly, a thinner grip fits a small hand best. For hand/glove sizes 6.5” – 8.5” we recommend size Small, for 8.5” and larger you should choose Large.