A revolution in comfort for gravel bikes and long distance cyclists
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A comfortable flex seatpost is a great upgrade for a long distance touring bike, or for bikepacking and gravel riding.

Most existing options are super heavy options that weigh significantly more than a standard seatpost. For example a Cane Creek Thudbuster weights almost 600grams ! 

The ergon seatpost is made out of carbon fibre and weights 230 grams, about the same as a rigid high end auminium seatpost. 

People often talk about getting a steel frame from comfort,

but as CyclingAbout notes " The Ergon CF3 carbon seatpost requires 69N of force to flex one vertical millimetre (0.04″). In comparison, a typical bike frame may require more than 7000N of force to flex one vertical millimetre, demonstrating how much a seatpost (and how little a frame) plays in the comfort equation."


Unique comfort, lightweight and aesthetically modern: The Ergon leaf spring seatpost revolutionizes comfort on the road bike, all-road and gravel bike.

Rough roads and gravel are smoothed out by the two carbon fiber VCLS leaf springs, while the saddle angle remains unchanged by the parallel displacement of the two leaf springs and the floating flip head.

The precise and highly sensitive tuned leaf springs work so well that they do not affect the performance of the bike or cyclist. The CF Allroad Pro Carbon Setback model offers a 25mm of setback