The best drip lube available, backed by data
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Made from sunflower seeds, this wax drip lube blitzed the tests at Zero Friction Cycling, demonstrating the best results for drivetrain wear of any drip lube.

Here are the application instructions:

  • Wax emulsions require a deep cleaning of the chain before they can be applied the first time. It is essential to remove any oily traces so that the emulsion comes in contact with the metal and can deposit a well-adhering layer of wax.
  • Degrease the chain using a solvent such as methylated spirits in a jar, then rinse the chain with water and dry it perfectly to complete cleaning.
  • Once this is done, after shaking the Flowerpower Wax bottle vigorously, apply a drop of product on each link of the chain.
  • When each link has received its drop of wax, slowly turn the pedals (at least 10 complete revolutions) in order to allow the emulsion to penetrate inside. Leave to dry for at least 2-3 hours.
  • For the first application, repeat the lubrication process described above a second time (one drop of Flowerpower Wax per link, etc.). After waiting again for 2-3 hours to allow the water to evaporate, clean the excess product on the outside of the chain with a cloth and you are ready to pedal.