Security and tracking upgrade kit for Bosch Smart System bikes
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The Bosch Connect Module Alarm and tracker is an upgrade kit for Bosch Smart System bikes that provides additional functionality. 

It integrates with the Bosch eBike Flow App to allow you to see live tracking of your bike location, allows for notifications if the bike is moved or interfered with and includes a loud theft alarm.  

  • E-Bike GPS Tracker
  • for Bosch Smart System e-bikes
  • Exact location transmission in the eBike Flow App
  • theft detection & acoustic alarm system
  • own, integrated battery
  • Kit is for Bosch Smart System CX/Cargo line bikes only, kits coming soon for other Smart System bikes
  • You can download the Bosch eBike Flow app free of charge from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. For the use of some services of the ConnectModule, costs will be incurred after the first 12 months. You can view these in the eBike Flow app and make changes to the services at any time.
    • Bosch is currently a free 12 month Flow+subscription and therafter some services are on a paid subscription. 


With the Bosch location tracker, you get more security on your eBike. If you have activated the "eBike Alarm" function in the Bosch eBike Flow app on your smartphone, you will always be informed about suspicious movements of your bike. In doing so, the ConnectModule not only directly transmits the current location, but also sounds the alarm with a loud acoustic signal. Thanks to the integrated, self-sufficient battery, the alarm system and the tracking function even without the e-bike battery in use. Despite modern theft protection options via GPS tracker, we recommend using a secure e-bike lock in any case.


The Bosch eBike Alarm function is always active as soon as you turn off your e-bike system, provided you have activated the feature in the eBike Flow app. When activated, the Bosch ConnectModule responds to unexpected rides with a two-stage alarm. If there are only slight movements, only short, deterrent warning sounds are emitted. If there are further attempts to tamper with your e-bike or even changes in location, the second alarm level is triggered. In this case, a loud alarm tone is played, tracking is started and a notification is sent to you. The second alarm level is only triggered in critical situations and only when you and your smartphone are not nearby. This avoids unnecessary, worrying false alarms.