Kiox out of memory? Here's how to fix it

28 January 2022

If you have a Bosch e-bike with the Kiox system, you'll know that it's an excellent way to monitor your speed, distance, assistance mode, and other stats. However you might have encountered an error that says "Kiox memory space below 20%". What does this mean?

The Kiox display is able to communicate with the Bosch app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. The idea is that the Kiox stores all of the ride information, and then when it connects to your smartphone it will offload all of this data.

If you haven't paired your Kiox display with your smartphone in a while, the Kiox will be full of ride data that hasn't been synchronised yet, and so it will display this error.

The solution is simple. Make sure you have the Bosch e-bike app installed on your smartphone, then connect your Kiox via bluetooth. It will synchronise the data, and then clear it off the Kiox, and you shouldn't get the error anymore.