Finding the right battery cover for your Riese & Muller

27 September 2022

Riese & Muller are industry leaders in bike design, often coming up with striking designs for their bikes. They were one of the first manufacturers to incorporate Bosch PowerTube internal batteries into their frames, and they designed covers for these batteries to blend them seamlessly into the frame.

There are two different types of battery covers, and it depends on what you need one for.

Covers for new or spare batteries

If you're replacing a battery at the end of its life, or you've purchased an additional battery for your bike, for most models you'll need a new snap-on cover for the battery (it's not possible to remove the cover from the old battery, as it will be damaged in the process).

There are two sizes of cover (for 500Wh and 625Wh batteries) and two orientations (horizontal and vertical). The orientation refers to the rotation of the battery inside the frame tube (landscape or portrait), not whether it is horizontal or vertical relative to the ground.

Riese & Muller Multicharger cargo bikes, and some older models of Riese & Muller e-bikes, use a hinged battery cover that attaches to the frame instead of to the battery. If you have one of these bikes, you don't need a new cover when you replace your battery.

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Transport covers

It's often a good idea to remove your battery from your bike when transporting it on a bike rack. It greatly decreases the weight of the bike, which makes it easier to lift onto the rack, and it also protects the battery from the elements. However it does mean that the inside of the frame, and the electrical connections inside, are exposed to water. This is compounded when you're driving at high speeds - light rain can be like pressure-washing your bike. The R&M Transport Cover takes the place of the battery, and protects the frame internals.

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Not sure which battery cover you need for your Riese & Muller electric bike? Get in touch (with your bike serial number) and we'll let you know the right one.