The Old Convict Road: Windsor to Ourimbah

18 November 2020


2 days

Difficulty (1-10):

Total ascent:

% sealed:

% dirt:

% singletrack:

% hike-a-bike:

This overnight ride samples some of the Hawkesbury's best gravel riding on day one, and then takes you into proper MTB terrain on day two. If you have an extra day and you're looking to extend your trip, you can camp at Ten Mile Hollow along the Convict Road, and take your time exploring the area.

Route notes

Day 1

Take the train to Windsor Station (it's a regular suburban service so no need to box your bike). You'll feel like you're in the country as you pass through turf farms on the way out of Windsor. Before too long you'll be winding along back roads as you head down to the Hawkesbury River. Back up and over some hills, you'll broadly follow the river as you head towards Wisemans Ferry, which you access via cable ferry. You can stock up here and have a meal at the pub, before crossing the river on another cable ferry, and heading down to the National Park campground at Mill Creek.

Day 2

Retrace your tracks past the ferry and around the corner, and then climb up some very steep dirt onto the tops of the Convict Trail. It's a rocky and sandy ride, and you'll be able to show off your bike handling skills. Or just walk your bike! It's a beautiful section of bush so take your time to appreciate it.

You'll pass a monastery in what seems like the middle of nowhere, with the Ten Mile Hollow campground close by. Soon after you'll get back onto the tarmac and pass through Mangrove Mountain, and then on to the train station at Ourimbah (where you can roll right on).

Map & GPS

Important details

Water and food sources

There are no water sources between Windsor and Wisemans Ferry. The only water along the Convict Road is from a water tank at the Ten Mile Hollow campground (or the monastery next to it).

Food can be purchased in Windsor at the start of the ride, at Wisemans Ferry as you're passing through at the end of the first day, and at Mangrove Mountain on the afternoon of the second day.

Weather and when to ride

Any time except summer. Summer can be extremely hot and dry, with the risk of bushfires, and lots of this ride is really exposed.

What to ride

The Old Convict Road section of singletrack is best ridden on a bike with 2" tyres or larger. The rest of the ride can easily be tackled on a gravel bike. You can take your gravel bike on the Old Convict Road but you'll be walking quite a few sections.

Additional resources

Mill Creek Campground

Ten Mile Hollow Campground