A weird year to start stocking Kona

3 November 2020

When we moved to our new shop in early 2020, we were pretty stoked to add Kona to our stable of bike brands. They fit in really well with our bikepacking and touring offerings, and they were designing some very cool bikes. We put in our draft first order and then... COVID hit, and there were no more bikes.

We have a small number of Unit X (off-road bikepacking), Coco (step-through that's actually good), Dew Plus (1x urban commuter), Rove LTD (2x 650B gravel and bikepacking), Sutra LTD (1x 700C gravel and bikepacking), and just one Honzo (hardtail party MTB).

What does that mean? Now is the time to come in and check out a Kona bike! There are a few more bikes trickling into the store in late 2020, but there won't be any more after that until late 2021.

So: welcome Kona, it's not the start we had in mind but we're still very glad to have you!