A Pedal Guide, For Your Next Ride.

by Amy Webb
16 May 2024

The coolest looking metal pedal - SimWorks Bubbly

These pedals are eye-catching, interesting to look at and provide an excellent addition to bikes seeking a funky accessory, while simultaneously being functional. The large concave platform allows for comfortable sole positioning and added bearing support ensures an enjoyable cycle.


The budget-friendly pedal -  Odyssey Twisted PC

The Odyssey Twisted PC is a simple pedal, with an accessible price point. This pedal would be ideal for riders that aren’t cycling huge distances and comes with the added bonus of an extensive colour range. Additionally, this pedal features a durable plastic-bodied design, ensuring longevity. 

The fancy, versatile pedal -  HT Component AE03 Flat

The HT Components AE03 Flat Pedal is super lightweight and is one of the thinnest on the market, at a slim 11mm. This sizing allows for additional clearance which means this pedal is great for various terrains - from commuting to off-road. This pedal features the new EVO+ bearing system, which ensures this pedal is built to last.


The pedal for smaller riders (or smaller bikes) - HT Components Cheetah

For riders with smaller feet, this pedal is compact, cute and lightweight. The smaller size allows for use proportionate to shoe size, leaving the rider with a more comfortable experience. Additionally, it is available in a variety of colours, so you’re able to match your pedals to your bike. 

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