7 Reasons Why You Need A Cargo Bike

by Chris
13 July 2022

Do you love biking, but hate having to haul cargo around? Do you wish there was a way to easily transport your chilren, or large items, without having to use a car or public transport? If so, then you need a cargo bike!

Cargo bikes are perfect in many circumstances, and they can be used for both short and long trips.

Here are 7 reasons why you should invest in a cargo bike:

1. They're fun

  • There are lots of practical reasons to get a cargo bike, but it's hard to go past how fun they are!
  • The feeling of zooming through the city will put a big grin on your face.
  • Zipping through traffic, past gridlocked cars, will make you smugly satisfied.
  • Modern cargo bikes have all sorts of great features, like suspension, and stepless gearing.

2. They're easy to park

  • Parking in Sydney is a nightmare. It's impossible to find a spot near your destination.
  • When you find a spot, chances are you'll have to walk a long way.
  • Parking can be expensive, and time-limited.
  • With a cargo bike you can roll up right outside your destination, lock up and walk straight in.
  • This makes them perfect for daycare or school drop-offs.

3. They'll save you money

  • Cargo bikes are so much cheaper than cars, both to purchase and to run.
  • With petrol prices skyrocketing, there's never been a better time to switch to a cargo bike.
  • Even a powerful electric cargo bike only costs a few cents worth of energy to recharge.
  • There are no licensing or registration costs for cargo bikes.

Above: Even the top-of-the-line Riese & Muller Load 60 will save you money compared to driving.

4. They're environmentally friendly

  • Cars produce all sorts of nasty pollutants, apart from the obvious CO2 emissions from burning petrol.
  • Cars exhaust contains particulates that cause asthma, other respiratory illnesses, and contribute to shortening the lifespan of people in cities.
  • Car tyres generate huge quantities of rubber particles that pollute the air, soil and water
  • On the other hand, cargo bikes have a hugely reduced impact on the environment, while still allowing you to transport everything you need.

5. They'll make you healthier

  • Research shows that incidental exercise is important for staying healthy.
  • If you ride by cargo bike, you'll find yourself exercising when you would have been driving.
  • Building exercise into your day by riding a cargo bike is great for your health.
  • You'll be less exposed to car exhaust pollution when riding a bike than if you're in a car, even when riding in traffic.
  • You'll also be modelling healthy, active transport for your kids.

6. They're versatile

  • People often buy cargo bikes to carry their children, but they find themselves using their cargo bike for all sorts of trips.
  • You can easily fit a week's worth of groceries on most cargo bikes.
  • They're easy to ride with a big load on them, as they're designed to carry lots of cargo.
  • They're often used by couriers to carry big, bulky boxes around the city.
  • In Europe, cargo bikes are replacing vans for urban deliveries.

7. Your kids will love it

  • Kids love being on cargo bikes - the feeling of being out in the world, looking around them, is so much better than being in a car.
  • There are all sorts of kid-specific accessories for cargo bikes, ensuring that your children will be comfortable and safe on your cargo bike.
  • It's easier to chat with your kids when you're on a cargo bike.
  • You'll stoke their passion for cycling.
  • Their friends will ask if they can have a ride too!

Above: Riding on a cargo bike like the Riese & Muller Multicharger Mixte is fun for your kids, as well as for you!

If you’re looking for a bike that is perfect for your needs, cargo bikes are a great choice.

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