A lightweight, single-walled stainless steel bottle with a fantastic flow rate for cyclists.
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Finding a stainless steel bottle with a drinking nozzle which doesn't require you to over-exert yourself in getting the water out is no mean feat. The issue is a simple one: you can squeeze a plastic bottle, but stainless steel ones require you to suck the water out, which is both inefficient and exhuasting after a long stint of cycling. Plastic bottles, however, degrade quickly and often develop mold if (like many of us) you leave it a liiiiiiittle too long on your bike. 

Have no fear, because Bivo is here! Bivo bottles have been designed from the ground-up by an ex-NASA engineer (I kid you not) to provide the optimum flow rate for cyclists. The stainless steel construction means your water always tastes like water, and not plastic. The food-grade silicone nozzle and drinking components are easy to disassemble and clean as well, so mold begone!

The Bivo One uses a single-walled construction, and thus it is not insulated like its sibling the Bivo Trio. This means it's a lighter alternative for those who value weight savings over cold water!


  • Silicone anti-slip exterior on colored bottles
  • Single-wall non-insulated
  • Patent pending high-flow sport nozzle 
  • LFGB compliant food-grade silicone components
  • 100% recyclable stainless steel
  • BPA/BPS/BPF and phthalates free components
  • Lid is interchangeable with Bivo Duo
  • 620ml / 158 g dry weight