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Holds one bike. Designed and made in Melbourne.


  • Maximum length 350mm
  • Maximum height 433 mm
  • Weighs approximately 2.5kg

The perfect fit?

Bikerax are designed to fit most wheel circumferences, from a road bike through to a 29er Mountain Biking tyre up to 2.25 inch tyre in width. Some bikes are not a perfect fit, if you have a tyre that is bigger than a road bike but smaller than a mountain bike, we recommend you back your bike in for better stability.

Benefits of plywood

Plywood offers our customers several environmental advantages over the alternative metal materials commonly used in most bike storage systems.

Advantages of using our wooden Bikerax:

  • Wood is a renewable resource;
  • Wood products store carbon dioxide;
  • Comparatively, the manufacturing of wood products requires smaller amounts of energy;
  • A beautiful material, preferred because of its warmth and natural grain patterns;
  • Unique cross-layered structure makes it kilo for kilo stronger than steel; and
  • Long-lasting and good resistance to damage


We use PAA T&G plywood which is manufactured to AS/NSS2269