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Arundel Stainless Steel Bottle Cage

A great bottle cage that will hug your bidon tighter than a bear hug. Being steel it also has the ability to bend the arms slightly to tune the fit to your bottle if it's bigger, smaller than standard or you want it to fit something specific.
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Stainless 4.2mm stainless steel tubing bent in the same graceful curves as our original model. The mounting spine is a stamped piece of art. This is not a standard metal cage. The finished cage is polished to a brilliant shine and will add to the aesthetics of any machine.

Stainless cages are a popular choice for steel frames, randonneurs and gravel bikes. It is also well-proven at the top levels of competitive cycling. It’s adorned the winner’s bike at Paris Roubaix and carried bottles securely in Flanders, the Tour de France, etc.

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